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 Dropdawg - Professional Ski Bum & Room Watch-Dawg           WeeWee and Vader (Pool Boy)
         8     click here for his Home Page                                   NewlyWeds (29 Aug) 98
CopandLady.jpg (18949 bytes) Cop and CopsLady - Newlyweds as of 20 January 1999


Doc Duck - Family Mascot (deceased)                                               Pegster and worm, owners of the mascot,
He was a fine Mascot, R.I.P. Doc                                                           They have bestowed the honor of ROOM 
                                                                                                                           MASCOT on GRADY, Will3 & Lola3's African Grey.

  in remembrance of Shirley                                        
                        "the squirrel"                                SINAMIN (Sparkle's lil' sister)                witerose
               She was loved by all and we
              will miss her Very, Very much. 
                                              SNOWGAL.jpg (12785 bytes)                                  
         Hydro and Lilmama                                              Molly                                              uwillnvme

                                            blue-heart.jpg (743 bytes)Steve.jpg (8564 bytes)
                                                              oopzx, she's always "brb" -    Steve (another Arizonian)
                                                 Newly-Weds as of 18 June, 1999
oopzx is an animal lover and is concerned for the displaced animals due to the extremely bad FIRES
lately in Arizona.  Click this link to aid the animals:  animal aid

                wee_grady.jpg (17000 bytes)                                                     
                WeeWee and Grady                                               Lainey (she keeps us smilin') and Bob

                                                         belle_heather99.jpg (14424 bytes)
Hammitt, the HOUSE accountant                                             LdyBelle and Heather (Okies 2)
and an Okie                                                                    

         Crssy at Chat-IN 2000                Willowsweb                                Papergirl and Grandson Logan

       Nique1K                                      Lola and her doll                                          Debbij
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<FOUR  DOLLS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

fool-on-the-hill & Kate-Red                    8    CrawFish                        Mr. Hoss, The original   Wild Child  
                                                       check out his recipe page!
         jammers.jpg (12065 bytes)                                                      
       jamf  (the Bad One)                                  So_lovely                                     Pinkzulu

            Mini                                                        Missy                                     Waves and Red

     Will3, Lola3, and family                 visit their 8 site, It's kewl!
    Check out their 8   site

      bob-di-april.jpg (20324 bytes)                             Infiniti_new.jpg (8910 bytes)
alphawolf & Dianna with                     Infiniti a.k.a. awwwhush
with friend April (inset)

   mykey and Sunny1                             rhood and Maid Marian

rut row, looks like LapCat's tree is already occupied    Reserved for Katbalu^ , "Queen" of mIRC!!!

            susieq_New.jpg (8587 bytes)                                   
                   SusieQ^                                               ShannieQ^                                               SparKle  (tap tap tap)
        she swings a mean "2 x 4"                      SusieQ^'s niece                                 she likes kitten hugz and P-nut M&M's   

 CoolWhip, Farmout, Janie, Bri,                                                 
and a young'un who looks a bit worried about 
   that giant tire fallin' on him!!!!!


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