Welcome to JuBoom's Dining Room

 >>>>> Chow Time <<<<<

Lola3…..gimme one or two pounds!

            Will3…DURN your hide!!                           neener, neener, Will3..Ju's is biGGer!! 

Grady (Will&Lola's African Grey)

Cyber-family luncheon!


Welcome to JuBoom's Kitchen

     Gotta Love It honey!!!!!!!!!!!                                  I'm with ya Ju….Lub It!!!

rhood, Marian, leave them Cookies….HERE!
they make a feller's belt shrink, but BOY..they R good!

                                     Pegster_beans.jpg (68398 bytes)                                  pegster_canned_beans.jpg (85929 bytes)
Naw…ain't the Body Snatchers,              The Pegster got these fresh               ...and Pegster intends on
 them's Texas Sweet 'Taters!!!!!            green beans right outta her Garden!           keeping them Fresh, too!

    Southern Gals gotta have "GRIT(s)"

click box below for JuJu's cowgirl pose

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