Some friendly folks that stop by and visit quite regularly


                                                the Original gathering                                         boomer's Gals!!!!!
                                                                                                    wee-wee, Pegster, Juboom, and MissMini


8 Pegasus and Taffy                     speechless                    THE-BUTTERFLY

Purplehaze stops by often,                      In2Red                         Lamronton and Abbynormal
just to harrass us old folks.
She's a real whiz-kid, check out
her web Page work.
Country  8   Oldies

                                          ericdraven.jpg (12735 bytes)
Phantom                                                                                   Eric_Draven

                           wildwoman.jpg (6224 bytes)                        
  "ROWDY"   bunch!!!                 WildWoman,               Big Bear (BB) and daughters and
   Back: cop, boomer1, zephyr        aka Spoiled-Rotten              Spicey and her daughter.
   Front: JuBoom and copsLady  


                          WillDebDog.jpg (16222 bytes)                        domino.jpg (10887 bytes)
  BarnKat & Skypilot                     Willster, Debbie                           Domino
   (brother & sister)                         and watchdog


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