A place where your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews will be 
well taken care of with >>24 / 7<< pure LUB
          Some puppies to keep them occupied                                                      A friendly kitty to wave back at        

G_Girls.jpg (17256 bytes)       BeBe after surgery 1sm.jpg (10179 bytes) 
Haley(redhead), Lauren(blonde),Sydney(brunette)                                Will3&Lola3's daughter Billinda
Ju&Boom's G-daughters                                                                 & her dog bebe 
       Toxic_twins.jpg (11134 bytes)     
  Witerose's G-son CJ  Toxic&5onit's twins and Brent, the referee         Haley(4) & Landon(3) posing!

           courtlan.jpg (10547 bytes)
So Lovely's son, Tyler                                            Courtland, Tyler's new cousin and 
                                                                                   jamf's newest grandson

                       ciara1.JPG (10958 bytes)                        kara_fix.jpg (14102 bytes)              
TORAMAE's son,                Trayray's daughter,              Beav & Kelley's          Abalama & Bevark's
 Sean                                 Ciara                                  daughter, Kara          neice, Erin
         Carter_McCain_Foster.jpg (39782 bytes)
mykey & Sunny1's G-son, John ......... and their Granddaughter             
                                                                           Carter McCain
     TLT_ashley.jpg (21829 bytes)                         Justin_Sarah.jpg (46824 bytes)                 judyjano_Hunter.jpg (89641 bytes)
TLT and Odin's daughter,          Pegster& Worm's Grandkids,     judyjano and G-son
       Ashley                         Justin and Sarah                Hunter
LdyBelle's Grandson (Heather's son)              Hannah - zephyr's first                       Bradley Shane - Big Bear and Spicey's
Joseph, born Oct. 19, 2000             "GRAND", at 3 months                                      first boy-child.

A gif(t) from our friend Butterfly

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